U16 Brackenwood Bulldogs51251436
U16 Wrexham Warriors31242731113

U16 Wrexham WarriorsU16 Brackenwood Bulldogs
51/98 (52%)Shooting15/53 (28.3%)
2/9 (22.2%)Three Pointer0/0 ()
9/18 (50%)Free Throw6/24 (25%)
13Offensive Rebounds0

U16 Brackenwood Bulldogs

#4 Aa139:59110/00/00/01/250%-770000000000000000:0
#5 Ab139:59232310/2638.5%10/2638.5%0/03/837.5%-770000000004020000:0
#6 Ac139:5912125/2718.5%5/2718.5%0/02/1216.7%-7700000000120-210000:1
#7 Ad139:59000/00/00/00/20%-7700000000000-20000:0
#8 Ae139:59000/00/00/00/0-770000000000000000:0

U16 Wrexham Warriors

#18 Teo Atakan114:39663/560%3/560%0/00/30%126240100000283100:0
#22 Mark Latham114:57773/1127.3%3/1127.3%0/01/250%353210200010021200:1
#37 Gian Africa113:40331/520%1/520%0/01/250%1300002000300-31100:3
#38 Dom Suarez115:0414147/977.8%7/977.8%0/00/03153202000204171000:2
#45 James Bailey131:35404017/3056.7%17/2470.8%0/60%6/785.7%851531236000200482401.5
#46 Reid Presance114:19000/10%0/10%0/00/051011100020003000.5
#50 Daniel Rudd119:04663/475%3/475%0/00/04361532000002162003:0
#54 Gabriel Ibarrientos114:07000/60%0/60%0/00/02010103000300-51100:3
#80 Keanne Garasmo19:17773/475%2/366.7%1/1100%0/20%351010100000062100:0
#89 Jack Scanlan111:21000/10%0/10%0/00/0232110000010002000:1
#90 Mohammed Alalwan110:17221/425%1/425%0/00/0-21010000000000000:0
#91 Jacob Crump131:35282813/1872.2%12/1675%1/250%1/250%858171011000303483103.34

Stat Key
PTS Points: Associated with a player or team.
FG/FGARatio of Field Goals made to Field Goals attempted.
FG%Percentage of Field Goals made to Field Goals attempted.
3PM/3PARatio of 3 Point Field Goals made to 3 Point Field Goals attempted.
3P%Percentage of 3 Point Field Goals made to 3 Point Field Goals attempted.
FTM/FTARatio of Free Throws made to Free Throws attempted.
FT%Percentage of Free Throws made to Free Throws attempted.
REBTotal Rebounds, which includes Offensive and Defensive rebounds.
OREBOffensive Rebounds, where a offensive player successfully gains possession of the ball after a missed shot attempt.
DREBDefensive Rebounds, where a defensive player successfully gains possession of the ball after a missed shot attempt.
ASTAssists, where an offensive player passes a ball that results in a field goal.
STLSteals, where a defensive player causes a turn over by their aggressive action.
BLKBlocked Shots, where a defensive player legally deflects a field goal attempt.
BLKRBlocks Received, number of times the offensive player has a field goal attempt legally deflected.
DEFDefensive Deflections, where a defensive player deflects a ball but possession is not changed.
TOTurnovers, where an offensive player loses possession to a defensive player.
POTPoints off Turnovers, where an offensive player loses posession (via Steal, Turnover, or Offensive Foul) to a defensive player who then scores.
SCPSecond Chance Points, where an offensive player scores after rebounding a missed shot.
EFFEfficiency, statistical benchmark for comparing the overall value of a player calculated as (PTS+REB+AST+STL+BLK-FG missed-FT missed-TO).
+/-The +/- stat represents team performance while a player is in the game. If the home team hits a 2 pointer this would make the +/- for the checked in players on the home team havea +2 and the checked in players for the away team have a -2
PFPersonal Fouls, is a breach of the rules that concerns illegal personal contact with an opposing player.
FOULRPersonal Fouls Received, when a player is on the receiving end of a breach of the illegal contact rules.
CTCharge Drawn: when a defensive player keeps and establishes position and is fouled by an offensive player.
AST/TORatio of Assists to Turnovers.