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G - Games   GS - Started   2PT - 2-Pointers Made   3PT - 3-Pointers Made   FTM - Free Throws Made   PF - Personal Fouls   PTS - Points   PPG - Points Per Game   MVP - MVP voted by opposition  
Dave EllisWrexham Warriors000000000
Ian WrightWrexham Warriors000000000
05Benedict IkpaWrexham Warriors U14s000000000
06Trevor WellstedWrexham Warriors000000000
07Lucas FigueiredoWrexham Warriors U14s000000000
08Craig BanksWrexham Warriors000000000
10Ben MaloneWrexham Warriors U16s000000000
11Kai RichardsWrexham Warriors U14s000000000
12Kieran O'ConnorWrexham Warriors U14s000000000
13Mantvydas DaniseviciusWrexham Warriors000000000
14Jacob HayesWrexham Warriors U14s000000000
15Aaron LennonWrexham Warriors U16s000000000
16Jamie FootittWrexham Warriors000000000
16Frankie GreeningWrexham Warriors U14s000000000
17Aaron RoughsedgeWrexham Warriors U18s000000000
17TJ WoodsWrexham Warriors000000000
18Teoman AtakanWrexham Warriors U18s000000000
19John WainwrightWrexham Warriors000000000
20Rich HoldenWrexham Warriors000000000
21Patrick IkpaWrexham Warriors U16s000000000
21Fredrik LomanWrexham Warriors U18s000000000
22Mark LathamWrexham Warriors U16s000000000
23Daniel RuddWrexham Warriors U18s000000000
24George GreenhaughWrexham Warriors000000000
26Danielle EllamsWrexham Warriors U14s000000000

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